Ozone Rage Z50 Blue Gaming Headset Blue Black with Microphone

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If you yearn for an outstanding gaming headset to control your gaming experience, there's no need to search any further. Once you put the headset on your ears, you will find a quality sound that is written in their genetic code. The OZONE RAGE Z50 is, therefore, the right tool to get a perfect grasp of what's happening around you in the virtual gaming world. They combine a fierce look with premium technologies that move your gaming experience a few levels higher.


Key features

  • The OZONE RAGE Z50 headset features eye-catching fierce design
  • Soft ear pads and lightweight construction guarantee comfort even after hours of gaming
  • The 40mm drivers deliver detailed and crystal clear sound
  • You can give commands using a high-quality omnidirectional microphone
  • Headset is compatible with PCs, smartphones and tablets

Utmost comfort

Once you put on the headset, your ears will be embraced by soft cushions of ear pads bringing comfy feeling to your ears. The manufacturer also gave their best to make sure that you won't feel the headset even after long hours of wearing. They are therefore made of light but durable plastic that guarantees maximum comfort.


Be the winner

Underneath the fierce design, you'll find the technology to get a perfect view of the battlefield. To do this, a 40mm driver producing a high-quality sound will help to keep you from losing even the quietest sound. The drivers are also responsible for a detailed and crystal clear sound that guarantees your gaming victory. In order to give your teammates comprehensible order, a good quality microphone is a must. Even that is a part of the headset.  The omnidirectional microphone records every word with clarity and clarity that ensures precise team coordination. Once you do not need the microphone, you can simply plug it back into your ear pad to keep it safe. No matter if you're playing games on your computer, watching movies on a tablet or listening to music on your smartphone, your headset will meet all your requirements.


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Ozone Rage Z50 Blue Gaming Headset Blue Black with Microphone

Ozone Rage Z50 Blue Gaming Headset Blue Black with Microphone

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