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Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac is the best solution
for running Windows apps on a Mac

Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac is the virtualization solution that is the most powerful and flexible for users who need regular access to many apps on both Windows and Mac from a single machine without rebooting. From PC-only games to productivity software, Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac has you covered.

If you love the look & feel of Mac OS, make Windows invisible while still using its applications. If you're new to Mac, keep the familiar Windows background and controls on your Mac. Either way, run Windows and Mac applications side-by-side with no compromises in performance. 

Run Windows applications like they were made
for your Mac.


With full support of Windows 7 with its AERO graphics, Windows 8 as well as older versions of Windows, Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac isoptimized for Mac OS X Mountain Lion and will be optimized for Mac OS X Mavericks. Mac OS X Mountain Lion and Lion features like Launchpad, Mission Control and gestures work in Windows applications, making them feel like they were made for Mac.

Parallels Desktop includes a feature calledCoherence Mode, which hides the Windows desktop while displaying Windows applications. Windows still runs in the background, but is hidden from view. Windows applications appear in the Mac Dock, letting you switch between them without using the Windows interface. Isn’t that cool?

When no Windows applications are open,Parallels Desktop will pause, thus taking up very little system resources. Parallels Compressor is a feature that automatically compresses and defragments the virtual disk while you work for better performance.

User Testimonials about their experience of running Windows on Mac computers:

 Upgrade from Parallels Desktop 7 or 8 to
Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac 

New & enhanced features include:

New! SkyDrive, iCloud, Photo Stream, Dropbox, Google Drive optimizations make sure you don’t inadvertently duplicate files locals, so you get the most of our storage space

New! Get stuff done in Windows at with a “real” Start menu and the ability to run Modern (Metro) apps in a separate window rather than in full screen

New! The new Security Center makes is a breeze to make sure that all of your stuff, both on your Mac and in your Windows virtual machine, is protected

New! Integration between Mac and Windows deepens, and now you can use the Mac Dictionary gesture to access the dictionary in Windows

New! Power Nap on a Retina™ Display Mac or MacBook Air now also updates Windows and your Windows applications so that you’re always up to date

Enhanced! Virtual Machine wizard makes it even easier to create new virtual machines, especially if your Mac doesn’t have an optical drive.

Enhanced! If you use Windows in Full Screen mode and want to connect to an external monitor, Parallels Desktop will remember your settings and put your Windows VM back into full screen mode on your remote monitor 

Enhanced! Linux Guest integration gets better with shared applications, shared profiles, and automatic Parallels Tools updates


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Windows Parallels Desktop 9 For Mac

Windows Parallels Desktop 9 For Mac

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